Kurt Cobain’s Telephone Number Was (???) 883-1980

In this telephone message below Kurt Cobain reveals his phone number and it’s (???) 883-1980.  I don’t know the area code but a number ending in 1980 is pretty bad ass!!!

Kurt Cobain Phone Telephone Message Victoria Clark

Below you will find 2 messages Cobain left on journalist Victoria Clark’s answering machine sometime in 1992 involving the Lynn Hirshberg September 1992 article for Vanity Fair magazine titled, STRANGE LOVE that got his daughter with wife Courtney Love –  Frances Bean Cobain taken away for a bit.

Message 1 of 2 is hard to find…I downloaded it from napster years ago (and I just posted it to youtube). This is the one that reveals his phone number…

Message 2 of 2 that I found on youtube..

Dave Grohl Was One Of Eight Guests At Kurt Cobain And Courtney Love’s Hawaiian Wedding


  1. Rob says:

    Two things.
    1 this website kicks ass and I’ve been up all night reading away.
    2 I thought maybe it might be an area code of 206 being Seattle and all. Though maybe not his personal number, maybe like gold mountain? Idk I’m tired

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