Weezer’s 1997 tragic single.

It is hard to talk about Weezer’s history without mentioning Mykel and Carli. Mykel and Carli were two sisters that helped out the band in there early days. They ran their fan club and were huge supporters of Weezer. They both meant a lot to Rivers and the rest of the band. On July 9th, 1997 Mykel, Carli, and their sister Trysta died tragically in a car accident on their way back from a Weezer show in Denver, CO.

This article talks more about it.

Rivers put on a benefit show for the sisters in 1997 shortly after they died. In this video he plays the song he wrote entitled “Mykel and Carli.”


The song was also released on an E.P. by Weezer called Hear You Me. Which is currently out of print. Let me know if you find one!


However the song was released on the delux edition of the Blue Album.

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