Pink Floyd As A 5 Piece Band – Syd, Roger, Nick, Richard & David

So….what’s wrong with this picture of Pink Floyd?


That’s right!  There are five members posing here. From December of 1967 when David Gilmour joined Pink Floyd until April 1968 when Syd Barrett left due to health reasons, the band existed as a five-piece before slowly making the transition from Barrett to Gilmour.

Pink Floyd Syd Barrett David Gilmour 5 Members 1986

A Saucerful Of Secrets was recorded before, during, and after this brief existence as a five piece and is an interesting snapshot of one Pink Floyd breaking down and another just beginning.  The LP included Barrett’s final contribution to their discography, “Jugband Blues“.

Pink Floyd Photos Syd Barrett David Gilmour 5 Piece Band

After Barrett left Pink Floyd the next time they would see him was in 1975, click below to read that story…

Syd Barrett’s 1975 Unannounced Visit To Abbey Road Studios During Pink Floyd Session

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