The Beatles Songs That Paul McCartney Played The Drums On

John Lennon was once asked if he thought Ringo Starr was the best drummer in the world, to which he jokingly replied,

“He’s not even the best drummer in The Beatles!”

On that note, these are The Beatles songs that Paul McCartney played drums on.


Back In The USSR (McCartney)

Basic track drums were played by Paul although they were later completed by John and George while Paul played other instruments.

John Lennon – Bass, Drums and Backing Vocal
Paul McCartney – Piano, Lead Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Hand clapping and Lead Vocal
George Harrison – Bass, Lead Guitar, Drums, Hand clapping and Backing Vocal

Dear Prudence (Lennon)

John Lennon – Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitar, Tambourine and Lead Vocal
Paul McCartney – Bass Guitar, Hand clapping, Vocals and Drums
George Harrison – Lead Guitar, Hand clapping, Vocals and Tambourine
Mal Evans, John (Paul’s cousin) and Jackie Lomax: Hand clapping

The Ballad of John & Yoko (Lennon)

In April 1969, The Beatles had just finished the “Get Back” sessions (later to become Let It Be) in a terrible atmosphere. However, when John decided to tell the story of his marriage to Yoko, Paul was in studio to play drums, bass and maracas on the song.

John Lennon – Acoustic Guitar, Lead Guitars, Lead Vocal
Paul McCartney – Bass, Drums, Piano, Maracas, Vocal

paul mccartney beatles drums Beatles Songs Paul McCartney Plays Drums On

The Beatles Songs Paul McCartney Played Drums On

Paul continues to play drums on many of his solo projects.  He would also jump in on the drums live, like on this rare occasion in 1962 of The Beatles playing at The Cavern Club with old drummer Pete Best singing.

Paul McCartney Playing Drums Live The Beatles

paul mccartney The Beatles Drums

 John Lennon didn’t play drums on any Beatles tracks but he did play drums.  Check out some photos below…

John Lennon Playing The Drums

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