Radiohead’s “Airbag EP” Cover Art Gave You Thom Yorke’s Pager Number

Radiohead released their “Airbag EP” in April of 1998 specifically for the North American market.

Radiohead Airbag EP Thom Yorke Pager NumberThe number 1426148550 appears on the album cover.  This was actually the number of Thom Yorke’s old pager and fans that dialed the number heard a pre-recorded ‘Hello?’ which was Thom’s voice.  Fans could even leave a message, and some of the content was possibly used in later productions.  This number has been disconnected for years.  Calling it, as of 2009, yields the standard “The number you have dialed has not been recognised” message.  Yorke, in concerts at the time, joked that it is the number to call to report bad drivers.

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