Last Known Photos of Elvis Presley Before His Death…

This last photo of Elvis Presley was taken shortly after midnight at 12:28 AM on August 16, 1977.


Elvis was returning to Graceland in his Stutz Blackhawk after a late night visit to his Dentist Dr. Lester Hofman with girlfriend Ginger Alden.  Here’s a photo from the opposite side of the Graceland driveway that shows Alden in the passengers seat.  (FYI: This particular photo has been called into question and is not confirmed)

Elvis Presley Last Photo August 16, 1977 Death

Here’s a larger version of the same photo that shows a little more detail.  You can see a Graceland security guard standing in the back…

Elvis Presley Last Photo Graceland Gates August 16, 1977

After this photo was taken Elvis took care of last minute tour details and relaxed with family and staff.  Elvis was to fly to Portland, Maine that night for a concert at Cumberland County Civic Center to kick off his tour.  “The King” retired to his master suite at Graceland around 7:00 AM to rest for his evening flight.  By late morning Elvis Presley is dead of heart failure in his bathroom reading a book..

Here’s a photo of the ambulance carrying Presley’s body leaving Graceland at around 2:56 PM.  It’s the same entrance where the last photo was taken nine hours earlier.


You can see the same yellow SUV parked by the security guard shack in Elvis’ last photo and in the ambulance photo hours later.

Elvis Presley Graceland Gates Last Photo August 16, 1977

Ambulance Leaving Graceland Elvis Presley August 16, 1977

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