Paul McCartney’s Acoustic Epiphone Texan With Detroit Red Wings Sticker

Q.  Why Does Paul McCartney Have A Detroit Red Wings Sticker On His Acoustic Guitar?

paulredwings paul_mccartney_texan_red_wings_detroit_epiphone

After some research…we have come up with the possible reasons why Paul McCartney has a Detroit Red Wings sticker on his 1964 Epiphone Texan???


1. It was May 7, 1976 that while playing Olympia Stadium in Detroit, a fan gave Paul McCartney a Detroit Red Wings sticker that he stuck on his 1964 Epiphone Texan.

olympia stadium detroit

2. For the concert the band used the Red Wings dressing room and McCartney found the logo in the dressing room, liked it and stuck it on his Texan.


3. His band was named “Wings


4. But it’s probably a combination of all 3 of those accounts.

UPDATE:  #1 is the correct answer!!!  Before a recent concert in Michigan, Paul McCartney did an on-air interview with a local Detroit classic rock and roll station, WCSX while traveling to the sound check at the Palace. He talked about the Detroit Red Wings sticker on his Epiphone acoustic guitar. He said he was given the sticker by a fan at the Olympia stadium (the former home of the Detroit Red Wings) on the 1976 Wings Tour.

The “Red Wings” guitar is the actual guitar in which Paul recorded “Yesterday and the same guitar he played when he sang “Yesterday” on the Ed Sullivan Show. Here’s a photo of Paul playing the “Red Wings” guitar on the Sullivan Show years before the sticker.


McCartney’s original guitar was made in the Gibson factory in Kalamazoo, Michigan, in 1964.  The guitar, serial number 194959, was officially a model FT-79N (N for natural finish), that had left the Gibson factory on May 23, 1964.  McCartney bought it in New York in 1965.  List price at the time was $175, and the case was extra.  Today, original Texan guitars are selling for as much as 20 times or more that amount.

The guitar was basically a low-end model when Paul purchased it.  In 2006 Epiphone re-issued only 1,964 of this model, and they are producing some exactly as the condition it is now.  Including scuff marks and the sticker!

The Limited Edition Paul McCartney Texan



UPDATE #2:  Paul added a Pittsburgh Penguins sticker to the guitar in August of 2010.  Check it out…

Paul McCartney Adds Pittsburgh Penguins Sticker To “Red Wings” Epiphone Texan Guitar


  1. Nicole says:

    part of the charm is that the pick guard is on the wrong side (hence the scuff marks!)

  2. Sumdh Umfuqh says:

    maybe Linda was… and he earned………..

  3. steven j alcott says:

    Cool bass, but the stock strings were crap. It would be worth adding the price of the LaBella flats made expressly for this bass so it would play and sound like it’s supposed to.

  4. carsfrensley says:

    A beatle who likes the wings

  5. Joe says:

    Awesome guitar guys. The finish is beautiful and after a little tuning I had it sounding just like I thought it would. There were other reviews saying it doesn’t stay in tune and the fret wires were cut too long, but I haven’t experienced either one of these. Seriously, if you’re a beginner guitarest and want a clean looking good sounding guitar while staying low in…

  6. ssmith9466 says:

    Paul was given the sticker at The concert in 1976. I was at that show. The Wings Over America Show. What a great show it was.

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