Layne Staley And Shannon Hoon Photo Together

Don’t know much about the history of this photo but here it is…Two singers who died too soon.

Layne Staley Shannon Hoon Kissing Seattle 1992 Blind Melon Alice In Chains

Layne Thomas Staley of Alice In Chains – died April 5, 2002

Layne Staley of Alice In Chains Died Here…

Richard Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon – died October 21, 1995

Shannon Hoon Of Blind Melon Died On His Tour Bus Here In New Orleans

UPDATE: We found the same photo but more of a full body shot of Layne and Shannon…Looks like Shannon was enjoying an adult beverage and Layne was still on crutches.  The photo was taken in Seattle, Washington in 1992.

Shannon Hoon Layne Staley Alice In Chains Blind Melon


  1. Guest says:

    I wouldn't read too much into it. Appreciation of friends can be expressed in many ways.

    1. alexpucciarella says:

      blind melon went tripple platinum after No Rain. Shannon definitely got to see his band get huge.

  2. Mike says:

    Would have been sweet to see these 2 guys do something together. Hoon died just before his band was about to take off, at least Staley got to see his band skyrocket to international fame. Wish Hoon had stayed around longer. Sucks
    Stay away from speedballs: R.I.P. both of you.

  3. Mike says:

    Hoon died way to soon. Blind Melon were just about to get huge. They were only together for 4 years before Hoon died.
    Would have loved to see Staley and Hoon do something together. But I guess they played different kinds of music.

    1. travis says:

      their music was almost exactly the same, lyrically fueled, and opiate fueled

  4. says:

    Missing you

  5. says:

    Saw both of these guys live multiple times. Two bands that actually sounded better live than their recordings. So much energy. It took me to another level. A level to which I directed myself to drugs, and nearly died from the SB's. I dont blame them, but I can understand that ones energy can easily be directed in not so much of  a healthy place. Bummer deal

  6. says:

    OMFG!!!!  i love those two guys!!! specially Shanoon, i was a teenager back then and used to hear their music a lot, and i really was in love with Layne and Shanoon (for real),  they were so talented (and cute) guys, is so nice to see this picture wich i never did. RIP whenever you are. You´re music will never be forgotten.

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