Robert Plant’s Most Famous “Led Zeppelin Era” Tight Jeans & Bulge Photos

Robert Plant’s sexual orientation is definitely straight but his stage presence and many of the photos in his prime show a really feminine side to him.  His Led Zeppelin stage ensemble usually consisted of a blouse and some very tight jeans that didn’t leave much to the imagination.

Check out some of the most revealing Robert Plant photos from his Led Zeppelin heyday.


Robert Plant Led Zeppelin Tight Jeans Bugle Photos

Robert Plant Led Zeppelin Tight Jeans Bulge Photo

Robert Plant Led Zeppelin Nurses Do it Better Shirt

Robert Plant Tight Jeans Led Zeppelin Stage Photos

This one below is form a set I like to call the “Food Play” photos

Robert Plant Bulge In Pants Led Zeppelin Tight Jeans

If these aren’t enough, click link or photo below to check out Mr. Plant playing soccer in a Speedo man bikini…

Robert Plant Soccer in Speedo Los Angeles California

Robert Plant Playing Soccer in a Speedo

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