The Beatles Red & Blue Album Balcony Photo Location

The Beatles album covers of both 1962–1966 (Red)  and 1967–1970 (Blue) showed The Beatles, looking down from a stairwell in the EMI’s Manchester Square headquarters in London.  They used the same pose, camera angle, setting and photographer (Angus McBean).

beatles_1962_1966_red_balcony_photo_location beatles_1967_1970_blue_balcony_location

The earlier photo (Red Album) was taken from the same session that produced the one used on their first album, Please Please Me (1963).  The later photo was originally shot for the Get Back album, which later became Let It Be, but in the end the photograph was not used for that project

please_please_me_cover_balcony_emi_manchester_square get_back_cover_balcony_blue_album_photo

Here’s the balcony and some pictures of The Beatles with George Martin the day of the first shoot.

emi_balcony_beatles_balcony_photo_red_blue_album 63_emi_manchester_square_the_beatles_red_blue_album_balcony


The building is located at 20 Manchester Square London W1U, UK.  It has since gone through renovation and now looks like this.

20_Manchester_Square_beatles_red_blue_album_balcony 20_manchester_square_red_blue_album_beatles_balcony_photo

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