Nirvana Top Of The Pops Memorable “Smells Like Teen Spirit” Performance

November 28, 1991 Nrivana – Top Of The Pops

When Nirvana was asked to perform their new hit single, “Smells Like Teen Spirit” on England’s Top of the Pops television program, they were told by show executives that they had to sing live to an instrumental backing track of the song.  Nirvana refused and asked to play live, but the show executives would not let them.  As a result, Nirvana turned in one of their most memorable performances ever.

Nirvana Smells Like Teen Spirit Top Of The Pops Kurt Cobain Lip Sync

Kurt Cobain “played” his guitar with his fingers inches away from the frets and made it completely obvious her was not playing.  Dave Grohl danced around in his seat for most of the performance, while Krist Novoselic waved his bass guitar around his head.  Cobain sang in a low, dramatic opera voice, later claiming he was trying to impersonate Morrissey.  He even changed some of his lyrics “Load up on guns, bring your friends” became “Load up on drugs, kill your friends”.

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Oasis and Muse would later pull “A Nirvana” on the Top of the Pops show as well.  Click below to see…

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