The Last Photos of Jim Morrison Alive – June 28, 1971

Jim Morrison died in Paris, France on July 3, 1971. The last known photos of Morrsion alive were taken on June 28, 1971 by friend Alain Ronay in Saint-Leu-d’Esserent, France six days before his death. The series of photos show Morrison wearing a pink shirt and blue sweater around his shoulders and his long-term partner/girlfriend Pamela Courson.

Jim Morrison Last Photo France June 28, 1971 Creepy Kid Photos

photo credit: Alain Ronay

These photos were taken in front the Hôtel de l’Oise which is still standing today.

Jim Morrison Last Photo June 28, 1971 Pam Courson

photo credit: Alain Ronay

Last Photos of Jim Morrison Paris France June 28, 1971 Pam Courson Girlfriend

photo credit: Alain Ronay

Last Photos of Jim Morrison Paris France June 28, 1971 Pam Courson

photo credit: Alain Ronay

Here is Morrison with Alain Ronay, the man who unknowingly took the last photographs of The Doors “The Lizard King”.

Jim Morrison Alain Ronay Last Photos Paris June 28, 1971

Morrison died in this bathtub below.  Click on the photo or link for details on his death location.

Jim Morrison Death Location Bath Tub The Doors Paris France

Jim Morrison Died Here: 17 Rue Beautreillis In Paris, France On July 3, 1971


  1. MForce says:

    WOW ! I have not seen a few of these,wish I had known them both, such a sad loss, they are missed.

  2. That guy with the brown long hair talking to Jim is a journalist who wrote a book about their brief meeting. I don't know if there is an English translation of it. But the journalist was clearly impressed.

  3. says:

    these have all been seen widely and are authentic to jim's last days in paris.  the last two are photos with herve mulller(sp?), a french journalist that is indeed in the last photo above with jim. pam is cropped out but stands to jim's left in the original photo. photo previous to last is taken at an outdoor table at a parisian cafe with a group including herve….jim is shown during a drinking lunch  shortly before his death.

  4. David says:

    There's been some discussion on that bearded Morrison staring at the window photo. It his him clearly, but, was not taken during his last months in Paris. It was most probably taken in 1969. During his last months he never grew a beard, that's a fact, he actually shaved his beard on the plane during the trip from L.A to Paris. Also if you notice his hair is not as long as it was on the real last known photos (the same ones featured here) so, yeah, is definitely not Paris 1971 -could be Paris or some other location in France but 1969 or 1970 though, as he visited France during that period before moving.

  5. says:

    If this is in fact Jim Morrison by the window in his appartment staring out the window….it makes me want to cry …he looks so unhappy….. Wish i could hold him….and never let go…

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