Led Zeppelin “Houses Of The Holy” Giant’s Causeway Photo Shoot Location

Led Zeppelin released their fifth studio album “Houses of the Holy” on March 28, 1973.  The album cover is a collage of several photographs taken at the Giant’s Causeway in Northern Ireland, by Aubrey Powell.

Led Zeppelin House of the Holy Album Cover Location

The cover photo was inspired by the ending of Arthur C. Clarke’s novel Childhood’s End.  The ending involves several hundred million naked children, only slightly and physically resembling the human race in basic forms.

Childhood's End Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy

The Giant’s Causeway is an area of about 40,000 interlocking basalt columns, the result of an ancient volcanic eruption and is located in County Antrim on the northeast coast of Northern Ireland.

Giant's Causeway Ireland Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy Album Cover Location

Giant's Causeway Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy Location Map

The two children who modelled for the cover were siblings Stefan and Samanatha Gates.

Stefan and Samanatha Gates Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy Kids

The photoshoot was a frustrating affair over the course of ten days. Shooting was done first thing in the morning and at sunset in order to capture the light at dawn and dusk, but the desired effect was never achieved due to constant rain and clouds.

Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy Giants Causeway Ireland

The photos of the two children were taken in black and white and were multi-printed to create the effect of 11 individuals that can be seen on the album cover.

Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy Kids Album Cover Photo Shoot

The results of the shoot were less than satisfactory, but some accidental tinting effects in post-production created an unexpectedly striking album cover.  Like Led Zeppelin’s fourth album, neither the band’s name nor the album title was printed on the sleeve. However, manager Peter Grant did allow Atlantic Records to add a wrap-around band to UK copies of the sleeve that had to be broken or slid off to access the record.  This hid the children’s buttocks from general display, but still the album was either banned or unavailable in some parts of the Southern United States for several years

Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy Censored Cover

As for the children, Samantha Gates is the mother and lives out of the spotlight in Cape Town, South Africa.


Her younger brother Stefan went on to become a celebrity chef and hosts BBC2′s ‘Cooking in the Danger Zone.’ He’s also hosted another series called ‘Eating Insects with Stefan Gates.


Here’s a recent photo of Stefan at the Giant’s Causeway holding the famous album cover.

Stefan Gates Led Zeppelin Houses of the Holy Giant's Causeway

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