Kurt Cobain “Nixon Now” Sticker On His 1961 Epiphone Texan Guitar


Kurt Cobain purchased this 1961 EpiphoneTexan” acoustic guitar with the “Nixon Now” sticker as a replacement for his Stella acoustic from a Los Angeles guitar shop after completing the “In Utero” album.  I’m not sure if the sticker was already in place when Cobain purchased it.



Kurt’s guitar tech Earnest Bailey claims this guitar was one of the best-sounding acoustics he’s heard, and by far Kurt’s best. Despite this Cobain did not use it for “Nirvana MTV Unplugged: In New York” but kept the guitar on stage as his back-up.

Kurt Cobain Nixon Now Guitar MTV Unplugged Acoustic

On occasion Cobain used the “Nixon Now” guitar during the “In Utero” tour but it only served as a backup to his Martin acoustic.

Kurt Cobain Nixon Now Acoustic Guitar Nirvana

As for the “Nixon Now” sticker it was from Richard Nixon’s 1972 Presidential Campaign.  A picture appeared in a Nixon Library exhibition called “Rockin’ The White House” where Cobain is seen holding the “Nixon Now” acoustic guitar.  A Nixon Library curator says Cobain admired Nixon — or at least certain aspects of him. I doubt that.

Kurt Cobain Nixon Now Sticker 1972 Epiphone Texan



The Epiphone Texan guitar is still owned by the Cobain estate and has been kept in storage at a private secured lot in Los Angeles.

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