Brian Wilson’s Bellagio Road House He Didn’t Want Leave


Brian Wilson was psychologically overwhelmed by the cancellation of “Smile” and the birth of his first child Carnie Wilson in 1968. Wilson began to take on a diminished creative role within The Beach Boys and spent the majority of the following three years in his bedroom sleeping, taking drugs, and overeating at this old Spanish-style mansion in Bel-Air.

10452 Bellagio Road Los Angeles, CA 90077

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  1. Mark says:

    Where did you get the top photos of the house?? These are great. A photo was taken of the Boys next to the arches in the right hand pic, for their 1970 tour book. But now I can put that photo into context. Thanks alot for these! Any other BB pics are greatly appreciated. I'm building up a photo database.

  2. Anonymous says:

    Google maps shows a lot of construction at twhat might be that address…

  3. woohoo30ca says:

    I googled the address in 2010 and it showed the original house. I just did a google again of the address 2011 and the house is gone with new construction. The only identifiyable feature on the property appears to be the swimming pool — sad

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