What Wine Does Eddie Vedder Drink On Stage???


Eddie Vedder of Pearl Jam loves his wine. He always walks out on stage with his notebook in one hand and a bottle of wine in the other. In a recent interview in Rolling Stone magazine, Vedder was asked about the wine he drinks on stage. He only admitted it was red.

Q. What kind of wine do you like onstage? As long as it’s red?

A. As long as it’s red and there’s a spare in the back.

Q. What kind of grapes?

A. I can’t tell you; there’s a bit of variation there. On the first leg of our last tour, I had been drinking regular wine, but I got the good stuff for our last show, and I don’t know what kind of grapes they are but it’s twice as potent. I realized this about halfway through the show. It was a political fundraiser, so I was like, “Damn I really gotta sober up!”

vedder_wine_red_pearl_jam_live_on_stage_pinot_ament Eddie Vedder Wine Pearl Jam Red WIne

We found out that his wine of preference is actually Siduri Van der Kamp Pinot Noir average price: $49.99 . The wine is sent to Vedder without labels.


UPDATE…..From Pearl Jam’s backstage rider 2008. We can safely assume that they are for Eddie.


Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam Barolo Red Wine

Pearl Jam Eddie Vedder Barolo Red WIne Eddie Vedder Pearl Jam Barolo Red Wine


  1. jughead says:

    im getting me some i know hes got some if ya need it

  2. what ever works…..try a box eddie..no cork no mess luv ya

  3. try a box eddie a wine box= no mess no cork all yum

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