Shannon Hoon Loved Pearl Jam but Eddie Vedder Apparently Did Not Like The “Bee Girl”

Shannon Hoon of Blind Melon really loved Pearl Jam. Check out this photo of Hoon wearing a Pearl Jam “Mookie Blaylock” shirt on stage.

Shannon Hoon Pearl Jam Fan Mookie Blaylock Shirt Blind Melon

We also came across this really cool radio interview in which Shannon gives his opinion on PJ.

In 1994, Pearl Jam wrote the b-side song “Bee Girl” about the young girl from the Blind MelonNo Rain” video.


In actuality, the songs indirect lyrics were a plea from Eddie Vedder to Shannon Hoon to reign in his drug abuse.

Pearl Jam “Bee Girl

Bee girl, you’re gonna die

You don’t wanna be famous, you wanna be shy

Do your dances alone in your room

Becoming a star will become your doom

Bee Girl, be a girl…

You know time is long, and life is short, begin to live while you still can

Believe in nothing, believe me, those who can be trusted can change their mind

The anxious is the present, unwrap your gifts, take your time

Everything you imagined, needn’t be stuck in your mind

Bee Girl, be a girl

Here’s a cool “Bee Girl” fact:

There were actually two Blind Melon “Bee Girls”. Heather DeLoach plays the “Bee Girl” in the “No Rain” music video but the “Bee Girl” on the cover of the Blind Melon debut album is actually a family picture of Georgia Graham the younger sister of drummer Glen Graham.


Shannon was also great friends with Axl Rose.  Click photo below to read about their hometown connection.

Axl Rose Gun's N' Roses Shannon Hoon Blind Melon

The Axl Rose, Shannon Hoon Connection

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