Where Kurt Cobain Purchased The Shotgun He Used

On March 30th 1994, Kurt Cobain and his best friend Dylan Carlson went Stan Baker Sports in Seattle and purchased the shotgun that he would eventually use to take his own life. The shotgun was a Remington Model 11 20-gauge, set up for light load. Kurt took the shotgun to his house so it would be there when he got back from rehab in Los Angeles.  This what the Remington Model 11 shotgun looks like…

remington model 11 shotgun 20 gauge kurt cobain

Stan Baker Sports – 10000 Lake City Way N.E., Seattle Washinton 98125


Stan Baker Sports have since relocated down the street.  Here is what the old location looks like today.


Here’s the receipt for the shotgun that was found in his jacket pocket at the crime scene.

Kurt Cobain Shot Gun Receipt Stan Baker SportsKurt paid $307.38 and the gun was registered in Carlson name at Kurt’s request because all of his other guns had been confiscated by police.

Dylan Carlson Kurt Cobain Shotgun Suicide

And finally, here is the police photo of the actual shotgun used by Kurt Cobain to end his life.

Kurt Cobain Shotgun Photo Suicide

No matter how many years go by, it’s still such a sad tragic story.

Kurt Cobain Shotgun Suicide Photo

Kurt Cobain’s Obsession With Guns


  1. nelson says:

    To discuss Kurt Cobain's or Vince Foster's death without mentioning Oxford Professor Reginald Alton, handwriting expert, is silly. The Professor upset Hillary Clinton on October 25, 1995 when he and two other handwriting experts (Ronald Rice and Vincent Scalice) stated at a meeting in Washington that the Vince Foster Suicide note was a forgery so now Alton has been banned from Wiki and will not be on Cobain's or Foster's page. Oxford University can not create a page for Alton on Wiki !

  2. anonymous says:

    Kurt was murdered. End of story

  3. Anonymous says:

    And nothing of value was lost.

  4. remtheoneilo says:

    how can you commit suicide with a 45 inch shot gun its too long to pull the trigger

  5. hedidit says:

    He could have pushed the trigger easily with gun butt against floor with his hand or even a toe. Dont be stupid.

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