Eddie Vedder’s Vintage Martin Acoustic With Sticker


Looks like Pearl Jam’s Eddie Vedder at some point had a sticker on his vintage Brown Martin 0-18 acoustic guitar. I haven’t seen it on there recently as this picture was taken around 2004. Don’t quite know what it is but it looks like a variation of The United States Presidential Seal or The Ramones crest. Any ideas??? Send us a quick e-mail.

Close-up of sticker…


Same guitar in 2009 sans the sticker…


UPDATE: Jake Pope a feelnumb.com reader just sent me an e-mail to let me know that the sticker is still there. Here is a close-up screencap from Austin City Limits in October 2009. He opens the show playing the guitar on “Just Breathe”. Thanks Jake.

UPDATE 2: I also heard that this particular guitar is owned by Stone Gossard and not Vedder. One must be Vedders and one must be Gossards.



UPDATE 3: We just got the answer from a feelnumb.com reader Venus..It’s a sticker from Obey. (link to obey site to get one in the comment section of this story) Thanks Venus!!!


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  1. venus says:

    Looks like an Obey Giant sticker

  2. Lee Fisk says:

    It's not a 0-18; if anything in the 0 sized Martins it is an 0-17. It could also be a 00-17. No such thing as a brown 18.

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