Ryan Adams Huge Fender Princeton Amp

Check out Ryan Adams’ huge Fender Princeton Amp!!!



Actually it’s a giant fake Fender cabinet that holds 4 Fender Princeton combo amps inside (you could see the 4 amps inside in the first photo). Look closely and you will notice that the knobs are painted on, and it isn’t plugged in but the red light works!!!

Ryan Adams Huge Princeton Fender Amp Cabinet

The huge amp reminds me of the giant Fender tweed deluxes Neil Young had onstage for the Rust Never Sleeps tour.


“Putting your left foot on a monitor speaker, in leather pants and a muscle shirt, singing, ‘Can you take me higher’ to 100,000 people? That’s not cool. That’s boring. You’re obviously doing something wrong.” – Ryan Adams 10/18/01

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