Jim Morrison Famous Ghost Photo From His Grave In Paris

American rock historian Brett Meisner while in Paris in 1997, decided to stop by his Jim Morrison’s grave at the Père Lachaise cemetery to pay respects to his hero. He then asked his assistant to take a souvenir photograph. This was before the instant gratification of digital cameras and Meisner completely forgot about the photograph.


Five years later he found it…and noticed a chilling image in the background of what appeared to be, Jim Morrison himself in a Jesus Christ pose, similar to this famous photo.

Jim Morrison Grave Ghost Photo

The photo has been deemed authentic.  After having the photograph and original negative analyzed by dozens of paranormal and photographic experts, there is still little explanation as to how or why the ghostly image appeared in the photo.

Meisner told the UK’s Sunday Express, that his life was never the same after the photo and that it brought all sorts of cuckoos to Meisner’s door saying they bared messages from the rock god.

“Part of me wishes that I never stepped foot into the graveyard in the first place”

Sounds a bit dramatic to me.

Jim Morrison Died Here: 17 Rue Beautreillis In Paris, France On July 3, 1971

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