Sid Vicious of Sex Pistols Died Here in New York

Sid Vicious (born John Simon Ritchie) bassist of Sex Pistols died under some strange circumstances here at this Greenwich Village apartment on February 2, 1979.

63 Bank Street New York, NY 10014


On the evening of February 1, 1979, a small gathering to celebrate his having made bail was held at the home of his new girlfriend, Michele Robinson, with whom he’d started living with the day he got out of Bellevue Hospital the previous October.  Here’s what the apartment looks like from inside now…

Sid Vicious Death Location Inside 63 Bank Street New-York NY 1A Sex Pistols

Vicious who had a big heroin addiction was clean at the time after being detoxed from heroin during his stay at Riker’s Island. However, at the dinner gathering, his mother Anne Beverley (a recovering addict herself) had some heroin delivered.  Against the wishes of his girlfriend and Sid took a dose.  After his mother doled out another dose he collapsed on the bed 20 minutes later.

Here’s a photo of Sid’s mother Anne Beverley…

Sid Vicious Mother Beverly Anne Heroin Sid Vicious Sex Pistols Death Heroin Mother Beverly Anna

Friends offered to take him to the hospital, but he refused to go. He drifted off and was left alone in the bedroom.  Sometime during the night he woke up, found his mother’s purse, and took the rest of the heroin. The next morning he was found dead.


An autopsy confirmed that Vicious died from an accumulation of fluid in the lungs that was consistent with heroin overdose. A syringe, spoon, and heroin residue were discovered near the body.

Sid Vicious Death Loaction Simon Ritchie 63 Bank Street Sex Pistols


Here’s a photo of Sid’s “drug dealing” mother Anne being transported to the hospital after the death of her son.

Sid Vicious Sex Pistols Mother Anne Beverley Death Location Simon Ritchie

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