Were Jack White And Meg White Married??? Or Brother & Sister As They Claim…

“Some people come up to us and say, “God, you guys really look like you’re brother and sister.” And we say, That’s because we are!”

Meg White Jack White Married The White Stripes

Officially, the pair are the youngest two of 10 children but in reality, John “Jack” Anthony Gillis and local bartender Megan “Meg” Martha White were married on September 21, 1996, he took White’s surname.


Now married, Jack White continued to play in multiple bands, Meg White first began to learn to play the drums in 1997.  In Jack White’s words,

“When she started to play drums with me, just on a lark, it felt liberating and refreshing. There was something in it that opened me up”.

The duo then became a band, calling themselves The White Stripes. They first performed publicly on July 14, 1997 at the Gold Dollar in Detroit.

The White Stripes Meg White Jack White Marriage

They divorced on March 24, 1999 but continued on as The White Stripes and it’s unclear precisely when they began to call themselves brother and sister.


Holly Golightly, British singer-songwriter (who sang with them on “It’s True That We Love One Another“) said

“They’re brother and sister as far as I’m concerned ~ and husband and wife.”

Jack White -

“We will be brother and sister till the day we die,”

Jack White -

“Everything apart from the music is a trick.”

Neither addresses the truth officially and over time, they have become less verbal about the origins of their relationship. Jack White has said, though, that siblings are “mated for life”, and thus such relationships distract less from the music. Both have since remarried Jack White married British model Karen Elson in 2005 and Meg White married musician Jackson Smith in 2009.


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