Aerosmith’s Infamous “A. Wherehouse” Location – Waltham, Massachusetts

The infamous “Wherehouse”, officially titled A. Wherehouse, is a warehouse located in Waltham, Massachusetts that was rented out by Aerosmith starting in 1975 and continuing for the remainder of the decade, and into the 1980’s as well.

Aerosmith A. Wherehouse Waltham Mass Studio Rehearsal Space

The warehouse featured a garage where the band members would park their cars, upstairs offices for the band’s personnel, and a ground-level recording studio and stage where the band would often rehearse, write, and record music. The band would also hold meetings here and use the building to rest, relax and apparently, do lots of drugs.

About “A. Wherehouse”


Bassist Tom Hamilton, was quoted mentioning “The Wherehouse” and the Aerosmith “Rocks” album, he said,

“Let’s see…I have to say the “Rocks” album is my all-time favorite one. Every time the band entered the studio to cut a new album, we were better and better! I feel that with this album we reached our peak! It’s not just the songs on that album that makes it so special for me…we also had a lot of fun recording “Rocks”. We had a warehouse where we used to practice outside of Boston and we decided to do the tracks there…so we used a remote recording studio and the outcome of our practices in that warehouse is the “Rocks” album. We finished that record really quickly and it still stands the test of time! Great stuff… pure inspiration!”

Aerosmith Rocks A. Wherehouse Rehearsal Space Studio 55 Pond

A reader sent us a link with the following Aerosmith Wherehouse invitation to a Halloween party.  Check it out….



And the hand drawn map that was included…


The address is listed as 55 Pond Street Waltham, Massachusetts but this is the building that shows up on street view.

Aerosmith A. Wherehouse Waltham Mass

Bill__X from the Delta Bravo Urban Exploration Team took this photo of the actual A. Wherehouse building that is located behind the google street view location.

Aerosmith Aero Force One A. Wherehouse Delta Bravo Urban Exploration Team Bill__X

Occasionally, Aerosmith would also rent out the stage and studio to other musicians. The band Boston scored their famous record deal when they rented out the building and played for record company executives here.

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