Andrew Wood Of Mother Love Bone Died Here


Andrew Wood lead singer of the band Mother Love Bone died here at Virginia Mason Hospital in downtown Seattle on March 19, 1990.  Andy passed away from "complications" from a heroin overdose because sources that suggest Andy survived the overdose, but rather was killed by an allergic reaction to drugs that were administered to him while he was in a coma in the hospital. He was only 24 when he died just before the release of Mother Love Bone's debut album Apple.


His death closed the door on the future of Mother Love Bone but sent the doors wide open for Pearl Jam and the tribute band Temple Of The Dog founded by Andy's roomate Chris Cornell.  After Temple of the Dog, ex-Mother Love Bone members Stone Gossard and Jeff Ament founded Pearl Jam along with Mike McCready, Eddie Vedder and Dave Krusen.  So basically if Andy was alive today, Pearl Jam would never have existed.


Andy was living with his fiance, Xana La Fuente who discovered his overdosed body.  "He was dead when I found him, and I didn't really realize it," she remembers. "I flipped him over and was shaking him. I looked at his arm and dialed 911 . They told me to get him on his back and give him CPR. When they arrived, they pronounced him dead, made me sign this paper, and then told me to go to the hospital. When I got to the hospital, Andy was alive. He was alive for three days.

"He had an aneurysm in his brain that would have caused him to have a stroke eventually; so he did the drugs and probably had a stroke a few hours later, which knocked him out. They got his heart going again at the hospital, but his brain had swelled up from not breathing. They told me he could get worse, which he did. We had a meeting with the doctors on that Monday, and they said Andy's brain was dying, and it wasn't going to get any better. We had three hours to say goodbye to him."

"His whole family was at the hospital, like 20 people. They all went in and saw him. Then all of his friends went in and saw him. Then I went in had cut his hair off and kept it. I played some Queen for him-they were his favorite band. The doctors turned everything off, and I just held him really tight and listened to his heart until it stopped. It took like 15 minutes.  God, it's so wild. I can't believe I went through that. When I think about it all, it freaks me out."


He was sober for 161 days when he overdosed.  The heroin dose he overdosed on was extremely small and the Hospital had reported four other heroin over doses that evening Andy was brought to the hospital, so it was definitely a "bad batch" that had hit the streets and wound up in Andy's arm.

Along with being the inspiration for all the songs on the Temple Of The Dog album and essentially kick starting Pearl Jam, the song Would? by Alice in Chains is dedicated to Andrew Wood.



  1. Tamires says:

    Andy was an amazing man and I believe he's really in heaven singing with the angels.
    and there he will be forever.

  2. John says:

    I think hes dead and hasn't sung since 1990, but he was one hell of a front man and singer. Too bad hes bones in the ground now. He almost hit the 27 club.

  3. Dale Belfiori says:

    …in the end, if the strength of your friends and your will….fades, the drugs will kill you. Did something "heartbreaking" happen in his life that pushed him over the edge, and lead him to grab that needle? I guess only one, pehaps 2 people will ever know for sure.

    R.I.P. Andrew

  4. markklundgren says:

    landrew….an amazing singer…total shame his life was cut short,he had so much more too share….bein a critic of all critics he’s probably my alltime fav….him and layne staley who shared the same fate……noboby holds a candle too them……P E R I O D!!!!

  5. landrew….an amazing singer…total shame his life was cut short,he had so much more too share….bein a critic of all critics he's probably my alltime fav….him and layne staley who shared the same fate……noboby holds a candle too them……P E R I O D!!!!

  6. rogers28bd says:

    I hate when people try and figure out why people O.D. on heroin, because if you did it you would know how easy it is to build up a tolerance to it, so you quit for a couple of months and then do some and when you quit you where doing 2 grams a day and now you have been clean for 4 months you do a little and it kills you, if you are a junkie or ever have been you know exactly what I'm saying, when it grabs your ass and every second of the day your trying to figure out how to get the money to buy some, you don't think about how filthy the stuff is coming across the boarder up some cows ass or a humans ass it's fucking nasty, it hurts deep that Andrew, Layne, and Shannon Hoon all died from the same crap

  7. jjday says:

    Always loved Mother Love Bone (though I never knew it!) due to Chloe Crown of Thorns.  Eddie (who I love) cannot do the song justice.  Andrew Wood's voice is unparalleled and it's so sad his star burned out so very early.   I'm glad MLB got the debut recorded so we will never be without his voice.  He and Layne Staley break my heart. 

  8. raymondavalon says:

    I believe Andy was the ultimate rock band front man. His personality, charisma, energy and great voice made him unique. The world was deprived of a great talent when he passed, but his memory lives on through the music, video footage and photos and we should be thankful for that.
    Andrew’s legacy was also highlighted in the “Pearl jam Twenty” production and I admire the film makers and PJ members for the excellent tribute to the talented and naturally entertaining icon we know as Andrew Wood.

  9. Wendy Odum says:

    As a recovering Opiate addict, l second the above comment about the nature of addiction. Unless a person has been there himself, there’s noway to compare its torment to anything else. What a complex soul he was. We exchange our God given life for an endless nightmare of Russian Roulette.

  10. SalmonCakes says:

    Andy died at Harborview Medical center at 9th and James, not Virginia Mason. He didn't do too much H. It was a bad batch. A bunch of people OD'd that day. Most of them lived though. This is why you never buy drugs from the Mexican mules on lower Queen Anne.

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