Jack White As “The King” Elvis Presley

If you haven’t seen the 2007 movie “Walk Hard: The Dewey Cox Story” you are missing a great cameo appearance by Jack White playing the role of “The King” Elvis Presley.

Jack White Elvis Presley Dewey Cox Story

About his role in the movie White said,

John C Reilly called me up and asked if I would do it. They were filming in a couple of days, I said, ‘Okay, but what year is it supposed to be?’ He said 1957, so that was Okay. I thought it was just going to be for cable or something but he said, ‘Oh no, this is one of the biggest films this company is going to to put out this year.’ He sent the script over and it was really funny.”

White continued,

“It’s my favorite era of Elvis, around ’56, and when John sent me the script I laughed out loud the whole way through.  It’s a parody of musical biopics and John C.Reilly plays this made up character who goes through these different periods and at one point he plays on a bill with Elvis Presley.  And that’s me.”

Jack White Elvis Presley Dewey Cox Story

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