Kurt Cobain’s Sister Kim Cobain O’Connor

Here’s what we know about Kurt’s little sister Kim….Kurt Donald Cobain younger sister named Kimberly Dawn Cobain, was born on April 24, 1970.  (Notice the have the same initial’s (KDC) and just about the same middle name) She lived happily with her mother, father and older brother in Aberdeen, Washington until her parents, Don and Wendy Cobain, divorced in 1976.  After the divorce Kim was separated from her brother Kurt, who went to live with relatives and Kim stayed with her mother.  Already hating her real dad at this point, Kim changed her last name to O’Connor, the last name of her mother’s new husband, Pat.  Here’s a family photo of the Cobain’s

Kurt Cobain Sister Kimberly Wendy Donald Family Photo

Here’s Kurt and his little sister when they were kids and when they were older…

Kurt Cobain Kimberly Kim Cobain Sister Nirvana

In December 2009, Frances Bean Cobain was appointed to new legal guardianship.  The guardians appointed by the court are Wendy O’Connor and Kimberly DawnKurt Cobain’s mother and sister.  Here are a few more recent photo’s of Kim who is using the Cobain last name again…

Kim Cobain Kurt Cobain Sister Nirvana Kimberly

Kurt Cobain Sister Kimberly Kim Cobain O'Connor

Here is a photo of both Kurt’s sisters Kim Cobain (red shirt on the left) and Breanne O’Connor (black dress on the right) at the Nirvana Rock N’ Roll Hall Of Fame Induction Ceremony on April 10, 2014.

Kim Cobain Breanne O'Connor Kurt Cobain Sisters 2012

Kurt also has a younger half sister Breanne, click below to check it out…

Breanne (Brieann) O’Connor: Kurt Cobain’s Half Sister


  1. Jennifer says:

    hey! I am still reading (and LOVING) your blog! It’s so original :)
    Keep on rocking in the free world!

    1. feelnumb says:

      thanks…spread the word…

  2. 000 says:

    on the las pict is not Kim.Kim has blue eyes

  3. m_nickolaus says:

    Yes, the dog pic is Kim. I lived in Olympia for a few years, and became aquaintences with Kim. It is her.

  4. m_nickolaus says:

    Btw – the other pic, of her alone – that is not Kim.

  5. silencehereiam says:

    Second to last pic definitely isn't Kim (as said before). If you're looking for a more recent pic of her, here is one of her with Wendy O'Conner.

  6. ShellyOBriem says:

    Did either of his sisters ever have a son?

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