The Black Crowes And Rick Rubin “Executive Producer” Credit Fight

The Black Crowes were signed to Rick Rubin’s label Def American Recordings in 1989 and released their debut album “Shake Your Money Maker” in 1990.  Before and after the albums release the band and Rubin had several creative differences leading to Rubin keeping his name off the initial pressing of the album credits.

The Black Crowes Rick Rubin

On a VH1’s Behind The Music episode, The Crowes, Chirs Robinson claims that Rubin wanted the band to appear “more southern.”  Robinson explains that Rubin wanted The Black Crowes to pose on their album cover in overalls, straw hats, holding pitchforks, with a piece of straw hanging out of their mouths.  They also claimed he wanted them to change their name to the “Kobb Kounty Krowes” which would make their initials “KKK”…

The Crowes told him to “fuck off,” and so Rubin did not put his name in the credits of the album.

Black Crowes Shake Your Money Maker Album Credits Rick Rubin

After the album unexpectedly sold 1,000,000 copies the next pressing of discs included Rick Rubin listed as executive producer in the liner notes of the album.

The Black Crowes Shake Your Money Maker Rick Rubin Executive Producer Credit

Guess when you “Da Bo$$” you can do whatever you want….


In a Rolling Stone interview Rubin was asked a few questions about the drama with The Black Crowes.

Did you see the Black Crowes’ Behind the Music, and were you pissed?

I did see it. It didn’t make me feel good, but knowing who was saying what and what they’re like and what they’ve said about other people, it’s almost like there’s nobody safe. So I didn’t feel like I was singled out. I’ve heard the brothers say things about each other that were as unpleasant or worse than what they said about me.

Was what they said true?

I don’t believe a lot of what they said was true. I can’t say they don’t believe it’s true.

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