Paul McCartney Ambigram Name Logo Used For “Chaos And Creation In The Backyard” Album

Paul McCartney used an ambigram of his name for his “Chaos And Creation In The Backyard” album.   Basically, if you flip the album sleeve upside down his name still spells Paul McCartney.  Check it out…

Right Side Up


Upside Down


An “Ambigram” is a typographical design or artform that may be read as one or more words not only in its form as presented, but also from another viewpoint, direction, or orientation. The words readable in the other viewpoint, direction or orientation may be the same or different from the original words.

Rock Star Anagrams: Mr. Mojo Risin’, Bucko Train, Marble Boy, Lives, Oral Sex


  1. AlfinaHawaii says:

    Bloody COOL!

  2. Astrid says:

    Never realised that… album has a different cover. That is cool, really.


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