The Infamous Liam Gallagher And Bono Kiss

This infamous man kiss between Liam Gallagher and Bono happened on March 23, 1996 at an OasisBe Here Now”  tour stop at Dublin’s Point Depot Theater in Ireland.

Liam Gallagher Bono Kiss Oasis U2 1996

Although the kiss took place in Ireland, Bono and Gallagher “French” kissed with tongue.

Liam Gallagher Bono Kissing WIth Tongue U2 Oasis 1997

Despite this kiss, Gallagher has made quite a few swipes at Bono.

“What can Bono tell me I don’t know I’m not looking for guidance. There are days I believe and days I don’t. And days I think, ‘Fuck the lot of them, I’m going for a Stella (beer).'”And when I’ve had ten of them, I’m fucking God. Fuck Bono. I don’t need his guidance. He’d talk a glass eye to sleep.” Liam Gallagher 2005

“I’m a spiritual kinda guy. I’m not wearing a sheet and walking down the street banging a tambourine. And I’m not turning into fucking Bono. It’s private. But I’m connected, man. To something.” Liam Gallagher 2011

Bono even once planted a more innocent kiss on Liam’s brother, Noel Gallagher’s cheek…

Noel Gallagher Bono Oasis U2 Kiss

Liam Gallagher Is A Serial Man Kisser


  1. AltRockAddict says:

    Oooooh, that makes me so jealous! Is that as close as they got?

  2. Unrealistic_alien says:

    Woah… that is hot *faints*

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    i love the bromance section guys!!!  some pics really makes me horny, thanks fellnumb!!

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