Reciprocal Recordings: Nirvana “Bleach” Studio Became Death Cab For Cutie Rehearsal Space

Originally a small grocery store called Triangle Foods, this awkward looking building on 4230 Leary Way, Seattle Washington was most notably, Reciprocal Recordings, the space where Kurt Cobain and Nirvana recorded the “Bleach” album. Album producer, Jack Endino describes his old studio space used as a:

“triangular, wedge-shaped building with a door at the pointy end and an air conditioner above the door”

Jack Endino Reciprocal Recordings Nirvana Bleach Leary Way

The main sessions for the Nirvana “Bleach” album funded by their friend Jason Everman began with a five hour recording session on December 24, 1988.  Nirvana convened again at Reciprocal Studios on December 29, 30 & the 31st.  After the new year Nirvana continued recording on January 14th & 24th of 1989.  Ultimately, producer Jack Endino billed the group for 30 hours of recording time.

Nirvana Reciprocal Studio Washington Death Cab For Cuite

SoundgardenMudhoney and several other local bands also recorded at Reciprocal. After Reciprocal closed in 1991 it went though a few different tenants. Chris Walla of Death Cab for Cutie was the last recording engineer to lease the space before moving his studio to Portland. The building is now mostly vacant aside from rats and old speaker cabinets.  The historic building is unlikely to stay standing for much longer, so go take a peak at it while you still can.

Reciprocal Recordings Jack Endino 4230 Leary Way Nirvana Bleach Kurt Cobain

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