Johnny Depp Gave Noel Gallagher His White Rickenbacker 330 Guitar With The P Sticker (Update: Paul Weller Gave It To Him)

Johnny Depp has starred in a string of critically acclaimed blockbusters, but his personal career high was playing slide guitar on the song Fade In-Out Oasis album “Be Here Now.”


Depp even gave Noel Gallagher a guitar during the recording session, which he often plays at concerts.  Johnny said,

“The guys are pals of mine, and I was in the studio when they put down Fade In-Out so they let me play lead slide guitar.  “We did it in one take, too. I gave Noel Gallagher a white guitar as a gift and he often uses it in gigs.  “You’ll know it’s mine because it has the letter ‘P’ on it.”

The guitar Johnny claims to have given to Noel is a Rickenbacker 330.

Noel Gallagher Oasis P Rickenbacker 330 Johnny Depp Guitar Paul Weller

P was a short-lived American alternative rock band formed in early 1993 by Butthole Surfers frontman Gibby Haynes (vocals), actor Johnny Depp (guitar/bass), actor Sal Jenco (percussion), and songwriter Bill Carter (guitar/bass). The band performed their first show at the Austin Music Awards in 1993 and released their eponymous album on November 21, 1995 under Capitol Records.


UPDATE: A reader Ian said this…

“This is just wrong. Paul Weller gave him that guitar for his 30th birthday. Lazy journalism, false quotes.”

Ian is correct, here is a picture of Paul Weller playing the Rickenbaker with the P sticker in 1982…


Thanks for the heads up Ian, and thanks for calling us journalists…that’s a compliment. Depp must have been joking when he was quoted about giving him that guitar as it is even on Johnny Depp’s IMDB page...

Johnny Depp IMDB Biography

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  1. Ian says:

    this is just wrong. Paul Weller gave him that guitar for his 30th birthday.

    Lazy journalism, false quotes.

    1. feelnumb says:

      Thanks Ian…We updated the story…Check it out…

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