Kurt Cobain Hanging From Seattle Space Needle Photo

One of the best Kurt Cobain photos I have ever come across comes from Monk Travel Magazine (Seattle Edition) 1992.  It shows a playful Cobain dangling from a cracked Seattle Space Needle.

Kurt Cobain Monk Magazine Seattle Space Needle Photo

Kurt Cobain Hanging From The Seattle Space Needle 1992

In the second week of November 1992, Kurt did the photo session for Monk’s Seattle Edition cover.  He arrived alone at Charlie Hoselton’s studio and unlike most photo sessions he cooperated fully.  Kurt told Hoselton,

“Here’s the deal, I’ll stay as long as you want, I’ll do whatever you want, you just have to do two things for me:  Turn off your phone, and don’t answer the door if anyone knocks.”

Here’s the actual photo from the session without the space needle in the background.

Kurt Cobain Monk Magazine Album Cover Photo Shoot Seattle Space Needle

Monk editors also convinced Kurt to dress like a logger and pose with a chainsaw.  At one point during the shoot, Kurt ventured outside, and when Hoselton asked him to pose in front of the espresso machine, Kurt pushed the barista aside and made a coffee.

Kurt Cobain Monk Magazine Photo Shoot Coffee

This photo of Cobain with “tugboat earrings” and some weird fish type thing on his lap also came out of the Monk photo session.

Kurt Cobain Monk Magazine Photo Session

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  1. mjg says:

    I think also from this same session there are photos of Kurt squatting down with something weird at his neck/shoulders. They look like bulky ear-rings.

    Any idea what they are?

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