Kurt Cobain And Dave Grohl Wearing The Same Michael Jackson Tee Shirt

As a young boy Kurt Cobain was given a caricature assignment for an art course.  Cobain drew this Michael Jackson grabbing his crotch picture that his art teacher told him would be inappropriate to be displayed in a school hallway.

Kurt Cobain Michael Jackson Drawing Nirvana Shirt

Years later Nirvana’s “Nevermind” album would replace Jackson’s “Dangerous” album at number one on the Billboard charts in 1992.  Maybe Kurt was a fan of The King of Pop or Kurt was just being Kurt by wearing this pretty cool “Afro EraMJ shirt.


Funny thing is Dave Grohl also wore the same shirt on Nirvana MTV Live & Loud.  Guess they shared the shirt or both got one…

Dave Grohl Nirvana Michael Jackson Shirt Kurt Cobain

Seems like the photo on the shirt was taken around 1976-77 pre Off The Wall era…

Michael Jackson Afro Shirt Dave Grohl Nirvana Kurt Cobain

In 1992, Nirvana even sent a Michael Jackson impersonator to the stage to accept Nirvana’s Best Alternative Video Moonman, claiming he has resigned his role as King of Pop to become the “King of Grunge.”

Nirvana Michael Jackson MTV Awards 1992

I think Kurt loved MJ.

WTF??? Michael Jackson Chugging Vodka With Two Midget Girls On His Lap


  1. retep_zavala@att.net says:

    i dont thin its the same shirt. kurts shirt is faded and daves looks new.

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