Eddie Vedder’s Jumping Point In The Pearl Jam “Evenflow” Video

On January 17th, Pearl Jam performed at the Moore Theater in Seattle. The show was videotaped by Director Josh Taft and the footage was used for the ‘Even Flow‘ video.



The video shows Eddie Vedder climbing the theatre, and then jumping down between fans at the concert.  At one point during the show, Vedder had even stopped the proceedings, clearly of the opinion that Taft’s presence was intrusive. Vedder yelled at Taft left in his final cut of the video,

“This is not a TV studio, Josh, Turn those lights out, it’s a fucking rock concert!”

eddie_vedder_jump_evenflow_video_moore_real_jam vedder_jump_evenflow_pearl_jam_video_eddie

Here’s a photos of the ledge at The Moore Theatre where Vedder took the leap..


The footage used in the video is actually spliced from different songs: for instance Stone Gossard and Mike McCready each play two different guitars, Vedder wears a hat at some point and the theatre climb actually occurred during “Porch“.  The alternate studio recording of “Even Flow“, which was recorded in 1992 with Dave Abbruzzese on drums, was used for the video instead of the album version as the band felt it synched up well with the live footage.  The video was released in April 1992.

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