Dave Grohl’s Lucite Dan Armstrong Ampeg “Clear” Guitar

In 1968 the Ampeg Company of Linden, New Jersey hired Dan Armstrong as a consultant to improve their Grammer line of guitars.  He designed a new line of guitars and basses that were constructed of clear plexiglass.  Calling it one of his favorite guitars ever manufactured, Dave Grohl owns four “Lucite Ampegs” that are all tuned differently for various Foo Fighter songs and are featured in three of the Foo Fighters most popular videos: “All My Life,” “The One” and “Times Like These.”


The Dan Armstrong line of guitars also became renowned for their excellent electronics, and interchangeable pickups.  The guitars also had long sustain caused by the solid plexiglass body that made the guitars also quite heavy (around 10 lbs).  A second reissue of the Dan Armstrong guitar was launched in 2006 containing many upgrades that are widely believed to actually improve upon the original design.

Foo Fighters Dave Grohl Ampeg Lucite Ampeg

Here’s a photo of Ronnie Wood playing a “Lucite Ampeg” and a Foo Fighter poster with Dave holding the guitar.

dan_armstrong_lucite_guitar_dave_grohl_clear_ronnie_wood foo-fighters-dave_grohl_guitar_lucite_clear_dan_armstrong

Here’s a photo of Paul McCartney with a Dan Armstrong guitar…

Paul McCartney Dan Armstrong Ampeg Lucite Guitar Dave Grohl

Grohl was obviously inspired by Black Flag guitarist Greg Ginn who also the Dan Armstrong guitar…

black flag dan armstrong ampeg guitar foo fighters dave grohl

Grohl even put the Blag Flag “stripes” logo on the top left  of his Dan Armstrong’s.  Check it out below…

dave grohl black flag foo fighters greg ginn dan armstong ampeg guitar

black flag logo dave grohl guitar

Dave Grohl Ampeg Guitar Black Flag Stripes


  1. Jason says:

    Scott Hill of Fu Manchu is a heavy endorser of said axes!

  2. gust says:

    two words: GREG GINN. where do you think grohl got the idea? he even has the black flag bars on one of those DAs.

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