Layne Staley’s 80’s Glam Metal Hair Band “Sleze”

In 1985, Layne Staley formed a band called Sleze, a band he described as “dressed in drag and played speed metal.”  Sleze performed around the Seattle area mostly playing Slayer and Armored Saint covers.

Layne Staley Glam Rock Band Sleze Alice in Chain Father Rock

Layne Staley Sleze Glam Hair Band Father Rock Film Alice in Chains

Check out this photo of Staley’s blonde locks perfectly “Crimped” in mid 80’s style.

Layne Staley Hair Band Sleze Drag Alice in Chains

Stayley’s band Sleze was also featured in a low-budget Seattle Public Access movie called “Father Rock“.  Check it out…


Luckily, Staley met guitarist Jerry Cantrell while working at Music Bank rehearsal studios, where the two struggling musicians became roommates, living in the rehearsal space they shared, turned grunge and eventually formed Alice in Chains.  Thank God!!!

Rock on Layne!!!

Layne Staley Glam Metal Hair Band Sleze

Click photo or link below to check out the classic Layne Staley Prom photo.

Layne Staley Alice In Chains 1986 Shorewood High School Prom Photo

Classic Photo Find: Layne Staley 1986 Prom Picture


  1. Bling says:

    AIC is a good enough reason for the demise of 80's hair metal.

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