Nirvana’s Hilarious Trashing of Extreme, The Schlock Rock “More Than Words” Band

Nirvana has some extreme words for the band Extreme in the Nirvana home video, Live! Tonight! Sold Out! where Dave GrohlKurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic talk about the “More Than Words” band.

Nirvana Talking About Dissing Band Extreme

Krist Novoselic:

“Here’s a band like Extreme, a total Schlock Rock band right? We played with them at some festival, I don’t know why, but they are in an alternate reality then ours.  They are in the Rock N’ Roll rock reality, it’s a different reality”

Nirvana Kurt Cobain Dave Grohl Diss Extreme 1992

Kurt Cobain:

“They surround themselves with these professional dickhead commercial Rock N’ Roll guys, who when they would show up at an airport, their manager runs in ahead of them and tells the people that are greeting them or their label, ‘NO VIDEO, WE WANT A PATH STRAIGHT TO THE VAN’ you know…So what…”

Krist Novoselic:

“You know I’m not that they are even aware that things can operate on a different level”

Dave Grohl for the win!!!

“I don’t think they are aware of how much they suck”

Watch the classic interview here:

The dates check out as Nirvana played three festival dates with Extreme.

06/26/92 – Dyrskuepladsen (Roskilde Festival), Roskilde, Denmark

06/27/92 – Kansanpuisto (Ruisrock), Turku, Finland

06/28/92 – Kalvøya (Kalvøyafestivalen), Sandvika, Norway

Nirvana Roskilde Festival 1992 Extreme Band Diss

The Nirvana interview was recorded after those date on 06/30/92 Stockholm, Sweden. Nirvana also spoke badly about Gun’s N Roses and Pearl Jam (who also performed at this concert festival) but that didn’t stop Eddie Vedder from saluting him on Saturday Night Live.

Eddie Vedder’s Salute To Kurt Cobain On SNL

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