Info About The Beatles Magical Mystery Tour Bus



Here are some details on the Magical Mystery Tour bus used by The Beatles to film the Magical Mystery Tour movie, which launched the soundtrack that topped both the British and American charts.  The bus is a Plaxton bodied 1959 Bedford Val Panorama Elite bus license plate URO 913E.  This bus was new to coach company Fox of Hayes, in 1967.


The Hard Rock Cafe acquired the Magical Mystery Tour bus in 1988. It took four months, 2,000 man-hours and a cost of $100,000 for Hard Rock to completely refurbish the bus using vintage parts to replicate the original designs and details.  Here's a photo below of the bus being transported.


The Hard Rock Cafe offered the bus years ago as a prize in an Internet sweepstakes but apparently the winner chose the cash alternative so the bus remains with Hard Rock Cafe as Beatles memorabilia.


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