Did Prince Cause The Jacksons To Remove Dove From “Victory” Album Cover?

The Jacksons released “Victory” the follow-up to Michael Jackson’sThriller” on July 2, 1984.  At the request of Michael Jackson, the album cover artwork was done by artist Michael Whelan. On the first pressing of the record there was a white dove on the shoulder of Randy Jackson.

The Jacksons Victory White Dove Album Cover First Pressing

Mysteriously, on all subsequent pressings the white dove was removed.

The Jacksons Victory Album Cover Art Missing Dove

No explanation has ever been given for the removal but feelnumb.com has a pretty good theory.  At about the same time The JacksonsVictory” was released, MJ’s rival Prince released the single “When Doves Cry” off the “Purple Rain“soundtrack on May 16, 1984.  The song was a huge hit and was #1 in the U.S. for five weeks, from July 7, 1984 to August 4, 1984.  Prince’s single and album were outselling the hyped up “Victory” album and it led to someone in the Jackson camp asking for the dove to be removed.

Eddie Van Halen Playing “Beat It” Solo Live With Michael Jackson 1984 Victory Tour

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