Muse Pull A Nirvana And Make A Mockery Of An Italian TV Show “Quelli che il Calcio”

Muse made and appearance on an Italian TV show about futbol named “Quelli che il Calcio” on September 20, 2009.  When asked to not play live and use a track on the talk show, they refused and rebelled in their own way by pulling a Nirvana, when they played Top Of The Pops.

Quelli che il Calcio Muse Lip Sync Playback TV Show Upsring

During the performance of the song “Uprising,” lead vocalist and guitarist, Matthew Bellamy, badly faked the drums while drummer, Dominic Howard, lip synced the song and played bass and bassist, Christopher Wolstenhome, played guitar and keys.

Matt Bellamy Playing Drums Muse Uprising


Sad thing is that nobody from the TV show even noticed.  Check out the video…

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