Girls In Photos Of Oasis “Cigarettes & Alcohol” And “Wonderwall” Single Cover

On the album covers of the Oasis singles Wonderwall and Cigarettes & Alcohol there are three unidentified girls in the photos.


Anita Heryet is the girl inside of the frame on the Wonderwall photo.


Jane Fisher is the girl sitting on the bed of the Cigarettes & Alcohol photo.  Anita and Jane were both employees of Creation Records and are coincidently pictured together below.


We are not sure who the other girl (playing the guitar) in the Cigarettes & Alcohol cover is but we are searching and want to know.

UPDATE:  A reader just let us know that the girl strumming the guitar is Emma Evans who was in the merchandise department at Creation Records.  Now we need a photo of Emma.  Thanks….

Oasis Definitely Maybe Photo On The Masterplan Album Cover


  1. Lissals says:

    Yes I can indeed confirm it is Emma Evans… I know this because she is my friend.

  2. Pat Pope says:

    can you tell she OBVIOUSLY can't play the guitar! Dur

  3. Boyfriend of Emma says:

    Care to identify yourself, mixerboy?
    I'm guessing you're too spineless.

  4. popeye100 says:

    mixerboy…..what an obviously sad lonely bloke you are. You don't know Emma or you wouldn't have said those childish things. She is one of the nicest people I've ever met (with the sharpest tongue)…she wouldn't ever lower herself to your level….get out more….some fresh air maybe….grow up!

    1. feelnumb says:

      Sorry about that comment from mixerboy…It has been deleted. Send our love to Emma!!!


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