The Clash Debut Album Cover Photo Location

“The Clash” is the debut studio album by The Clash released on April 8, 1977.  The album cover photo features only three members of the band Joe StrummerMick Jones and Paul Simonon as original drummer Terry Chimes had already left the band before the photo was taken.

The Clash Debut Album Cover Location

The cover photo was taken by photographer Kate Simon in the alleyway directly opposite the front door of the band’s rehearsal building.  Here is the actual untouched photo used for the cover.

The Clash Debut Album Cover Location Camden Market

The photo of the band was taken in 1976 in what is now Stables/Camden Market in Camden, London.  Located at Camden High Street, London NW1 8NH, United Kingdom.


Walk through the gates shown above and go to the left and you will see steps running along the left hand side of the building facing you. Steps have been added as you can see The Clash are standing on a sloped floor and the beams have been removed from overhead.

The Clash Stables Market Camden London Debut Album Location Stables Market

We made this map to show you the exact location of the now famous staircase.

The Clash Debut Album Cover Photo Location Camden London Stables Market

The Clash “London Calling” Paul Simonon Bass Smashing Album Cover Photo

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