Jim Morrison’s Silver Indian Concho Belt

Most musicians have some kind of trademark fashion staple.  John Lennon had the glasses, Elvis had the jumpsuits and Jim Morrison had “the belt”.

Jim Morrison The Doors Silver Indian Concho Belt

The belt that Morrison made famous on stage with The Doors and in many of his photo sessions is called a “concho belt.”  The traditional concho belt is unique to the Zuni and the Diné (Navajo) Pueblo tribes from the Southwestern United States.

Jim Morrison Indian Concho Belt Silver The Doors

During the late 60’s when The Doors were at the height of their fame, Morrison purchased the concho belt from Wayne and Irma Bailey of Albuquerque while they were visiting California.  Joe H. Quintana was the maker of this famous belt.

Jim Morrison Silver Indian Concho Belt

These belts are hand made of silver and are really expensive.  It has been rumored that Morrison paid over $1000 for the belt and that it was one of his most prized possession.

Jim Morrison Indian Concho Belt The Doors Live

No one knows exactly what happened to the original belt after Morrison’s death, but after considerable interest in by fans of The Doors and Jim Morrison, Cippy (Joe H. Quintana son) has been making a ‘Limited Edition Jim Morrison Concho Belt‘ that is as close as possible to the original in design, using the same ‘stamps’ used by his late father.

The can be purchased at crazyhorsesilver.com

Jim Morrison Indian Concho Belt The Doors

After his death some people said Jim was buried with the belt, while other contend that renowned fashion designer Yves Saint Laurent now owns it in his collection. Neither of these rumors have been ever been confirmed and the location and possession of the belt still remain a mystery.

Jim Morrison’s Eerie Church Photos Frankfurt, Germany 1968


  1. Kate says:

    The last picture isn't Jim

  2. pamela morrison says:

    i have to say that the last picture on this page is not jim morrison,i knew this before i even saw his face.The man never wore a watch in his life and take a look at torso and if ur not as big a fan as me then look at his face , NOT JIM MORRISON,that’s wrong,man…..

  3. raul says:

    We removed the "fake" Jim Morrison picture. 

    Thanks for the heads up…

  4. steve@yahoo.com says:

    The belt was rumored to be in a trunk of Morrison's old clothes that was given to Iggy Pop back in the early 70's. Not even 6 months later Iggy reportedly sold the trunk and its contents to buy heroin.

  5. Mike says:

    I heard somewhere that the designer Yves St. Laurant owns Jim's concho belt

  6. Ty says:

    Know where we can buy that type fo belt? A lot of the concho belts I've been looking at online aren't that great. There's a few alright ones but the design Jim had is really cool.

  7. James says:

    I have the real deal JIM MORRISON concho belt, made exactly like Jim’s belt, not like these cheap assed belts they are selling on eBay.
    If you want a belt that look exactly like Jim’s then you have to part with a huge amount of cash, I would say dont waste your time with these cheap rip offs that look nothing like Jim’s belt.

  8. Anonymous says:

    Jim morrisons concho belt found.The biggest question is where is Jim Morrisons concho belt, as it was Jim's prized possession he was buried with the belt. I know there is so many rumors about certain people have the belt or that it was stolen when Jim passed away. But the logical and most probale explanation is why it has never been found is he was buried with it, as if it was in any person/persons possession they would have come forward by now as the value of the belt would fetch a extremely high price. No one ever asked Pam what ever happened to the belt and if it would have been in anyone possession it would have been in hers and then the courson family after she passed away.

    1. John says:

      This is correct, but not sure he was buried with the concho belt, but he well could have been. As the belt would have been in Pam's possession after his untimely passing, as he did have the belt in Paris.

      Back to him being buried with it, you maybe right as anyone who would be its owner now would have come forward with it as its value would be EPIC, and with all the online bidding sites such as eBay and such,the price would fetch a high price, it's up there with his 1966 Shelby mustang(from the hwy short film).

  9. David says:

    First of all your site is awesome. I've been reading it for hours. Congrats! On the belt,last I heard is that Yves Saint Laurent bought it for his collection. He passed away few years ago so it hasn't been any word on where it is, if it was on Saint Laurent first place. As a long time Doors and Jim Morrison fan and researcher, I doubt that he had taken that specific belt to Paris with him, by the time he moved to Paris he had stopped wearing that belt for a couple of years (last seen wearing it in late 1968, maybe early 1969) he would only wear that belt with leather pants and by 1971 he had abandoned the leather look. The reason why there isn't that much clothes items of Jim Morrison around is because Jim (and his partner Pamela) usually tossed his clothes out or give it away to fans and friends. He was not the type of guy to keep items around him of any kind except a few jackets, couple of pants and shirts and books.He never owned his own place, always living in motels, so there's another reason for him to not gather stuff. Also official is that, while in Paris, he had his green army jacket all the time, until Pamela got tired of seeing him wearing a worned out already riped jacket and toss it out.

    1. feelnumb says:

      Thanks David. I love it when people like you like feelnumb.com and thanks for your JM info.

    2. John says:

      Your statement is very wrong, check your sources again, and you will find aynonmas's statement correct.

  10. Mike says:

    David your dead wrong about Jim not having the concho belt in Paris as stated by one of Jim's friends,that indeed he had the concho belt with in paris as it was his prized possession. It was never sold to Yves Saint Laurent that's just the story going around. You can find the statement if you google for it.

  11. John says:

    What I would like to know is, the concho belt worn by Val Kilmer in the doors movie who has it?

    Also it is right about Jim having his concho belt in Paris, and Yves Saint Laurent never purchased the belt either, its just a rumor.

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