John Lennon & Paul McCartney’s Guitars With The Beatles ’66 Tour Set-Lists Taped To Them

It has been well documented that one of Paul McCartney’s Hofner Bass’ still has the set-list from The Beatles 1966 Tour taped to the top of it but we have also found out that John Lennon’s Rickenbacker from the 1966 Tour also has the set-list taped to it…

The Beatles Paul McCartney Hofner Bass Set List John Lennon Rickenbacker

Here’s a close-up of the 1966 set-list on Paul McCartney’s Hofner Bass…

Paul McCartney Hofner Bass 1966 Tour Set List

Paul McCartney John Lennon 1966 Tour Set List Hofner Bass Rickenbacker 325

And the close-up of the 1966 set-list on John Lennon’s Rickenbacker 325…

John Lennon The Beatles 1966 Tour Rickenbacker 325 Set List

You can see the set-list taped to the top of John’s Rickenbacker in this photo…

John Lennon 1966 The Beatles Tour Set List Rickenbacker 325

Here’s The Beatles setlist from the 1966 Tour…

“Rock & Roll (music)”
“She’s a Woman”
“If I Needed (someone)”
“(day) Tripper”
“Baby’s in Black”
“I Feel Fine”
“(I) Wanna Be (your man)”
“Nowhere Man”
“Paperback (writer)”
“Long Tall (sally)”

Paul McCartney’s “BASSMAN” Sticker On His Hofner Violin Bass

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