David Bowie’s Great Looking “Thin White Duke” Era Mugshot Photo

David Bowie (real name: David Jones) was arrested March 21, 1976 at the Americana Rochester Hotel in Rochester, New York.  Three other people were arrested at 2:25 a.m. in Bowie’s three-room suite by vice squad detectives after confiscating what they described as about half a pound of marijuana.  One of the people arrested along with Bowie was James Osterberg, Jr. aka Iggy Pop.  They group was held in the Monroe County Jail for a few hours.

Bowie’s daper “Thin White Duke” mugshot was not taken the night of his arrest, it was taken four days later on March 25th, when he returned to Rochester to plead innocent to the felony charge.

David Bowie Thin White Duke Mugshot March 1976 Iggy Pop Sticker

Check out these photos of Bowie taken before the infamous mugshot on March 25th.

David Bowie Arrest Mugshot New York March 1976 New York Thin White Duke

Here’s another photo of Bowie walking toward the courthouse with his business manager and lawyer.

David Bowie Courthouse Rochester New York Mugshot Arrest March 1976

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