George Harrison’s “Rocky” Fender Stratocaster Guitar

In early April of 1967, just after finishing the recording of The Beatles “Sgt. Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band“, George Harrison took his 1962 Sonic Blue Fender Startocaster home and transformed it into “Rocky.”  Using Dayglo enamel paint and as well as some of his ex-wife Patti Boyd’s nail polish.


When The Beatles were in the studio recording “Help!“, John Lennon and George Harrison sent roadie Mal Evans out to go get a couple of Fender Stratocasters.   Evans came back with matching 1962 Sonic Blue Strats.  Here’s a photo of John with his Sonic Blue Strat…

George first played his on “You’re Going To Lose That Girl.” On “Nowhere Man,” both John and George played their Strats together. The bright, sparkling tone is evident in George’s ringing chord-melody solo.   That was of course before he had turned into “Rocky.”  The back of the guitar is still it’s original Sonic Blue color as George only painted the front…


Here’s a great youtube clip of George talking about and playing “Rocky.”

And there is “Rocky” back behind George at his house in front of all his guitars…

George Harrison The Beatles "Rocky" Telecaster Guitar

“Rocky” most recently made an appearance In the” Concert for George.” on November 29, 2002.  It’s was played by Andy Fairweather-Low during “My Sweet Lord.”  Here’s a screen cap below…

George Harrison’s Fender Rosewood Telecaster “Rooftop Concert” Guitar Was Bought By Ed Begley Jr.


  1. Naleowema says:

    I am looking to buy one but I am not sure if I am getting a fair price at $800. Anyone know guitars?

    1. lcmtvbreath4 says:

      Sounds fair to me. Strat's can go anywhere from like 500 – 3,000 (i've seen even higher) so 800 for a Rocky recreation sounds very fair

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