George Harrison’s Dark Horse Sticker On His Sunburst Fender Stratocaster

During George Harrison's "Dark Horse Tour" of 1974 he used a Sunburst Fender Stratocaster that has 2 stickers on it.  One is Harrison's Dark Horse Records logo…


The other one I cannot seem to get a good photo of.  It is placed on the top right of the guitar…

 geroge harrison dark horse sticker

Both stickers were still in place on the guitar in this photo of George in front of his vast guitar collection taken at his home Friar Park…

Shoot us a comment if you know what the other sticker is…and be sure to check out our STICKERS ON INSTRUMENTS section on feelnumb.


  1. W. Johnson says:

    I have the same sticker George Harrison has on his guitar ( dark horse records logo ) have had 38 years wraped up for safe keeping and has never been peeled or put on anything

    1. raul says:

      e-mail us a photo!!!

      1. WJohnson says:

        Let me get out and i will e-mail you a photo…..can you please verify email address to make sure i send to person.

        1. raul says:

          raul(at), let me know where you got the sticker too.



          1. Wjohnson says:

            I got the sticker from my friends brother who worked for a record company who gave us each one , told us to hang on to them and they would be collectable one day…..If it is what i say it is what do you think the value of it could be? My friend lost his but i wrapped mine up and stored it away……I am going to try to send you a picture of tonight if i get home in time or maybe tomorrow morning.

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