Rage Against The Machine’s Tim Commerford Got Arrested For VMA Protest Against Limp Bizkit

On September 7, 2000 at Radio City Music Hall in New York City, Tim Commerford from Rage Against The Machine took offense to Rage losing Best Rock Video for “Sleep Now In The Fire” to Limp Bizkit’sBreak Stuff” at the MTV Video Music Awards (VMA’s).  In protest, Commerford climbed a stage prop and began shaking it, pretty much ruining Limp Bizkit’s acceptance speech.

Check out the video…

Tim Commerford Rage Against The Machine 200 MTV Video Music Awards Limp Bikkit

After authorities managed to coax Commerford down and he was thrown in jail for the night.  Fans all over the world should look back and thank him now.  Here is the photo of his arrest.

Rage Against The Machine Protest Naked On Stage

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