Foo Fighters Buck Rodgers XZ-38 Disintigrator Pistol Album Cover & UFO Tie-Ins

The Foo Fighters Dave Grohl released their debut self titled album on July 4, 1995.


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The reason I crossed out Foo Fighters is because the album is really a Grohl solo record as he played every instrument and sang every song on the album. The Foo Fighter album cover photo was taken by Grohl’s wife at the time Jennifer Youngblood and featured a XZ-38 Disintegrator Pistol, originally released in 1935 as a tie-in toy for the Buck Rodgers comic strip and radio show.

Here’s a exclusive photo of the pistol used for the album cover at Grohl’s and the Foo Fighters recording facilities Studio 606.

Foo Fighters Debut Album Cover Gun Studio 606 Buck Rodgers

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Grohl named his then side-project “Foo Fighters” after a word that World War II pilots would use to describe Unidentified Flying Objects (UFO’s). Grohl continued the theme and even named his record label Roswell Records, a reference to Roswell, New Mexico site of the infamous UFO crash of 1947. On June 18, 2005 the Foo Fighters even played a show at Roswell, New Mexico’s Walker Air Force Base.  Grohl also appeared on an episode of The X-Files with the aforementioned ex-wife Jennifer Youngblood.  Click link or photo below o check it out… Dave Grohl X-Files Episode Cameo Jennifer Youngblood

Dave Grohl’s Cameo Appearance On The X-Files

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